A life long friend

1,094. That’s how many miles have been between us for the last nine years of our lives. How is it that two girls can hold on to a friendship for so long with such great distance? Simple. We don’t have just a friendship, but a sisterhood.  

 Every time I have exciting news the first person I want to tell is her. Every time I need to vent to someone, she’s the first one I call. Every time I want to cry to someone, she’s who I wish could be here. From going door to door to sell cupcakes to earn money for plane tickets, to hysterically crying when it’s time to say goodbye again, all my best memories have included her. Having a life long friend is the most priceless gift that I am thankful for everyday. Through everything life has thrown my way, I’ve always counted on her as my backbone. To pick me back up when I feel like I can’t go any further. Everyone thinks they have a best friend, but no one in this world has one like mine. Here’s to another year of friendship, another year of growing up together at heart, but miles apart. Happy 19th Birthday to my half who makes me whole, I love you Kiana.  



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