Shit 3 year olds say

As thankful as I am to have my son out of the “terrible twos,” nothing compares to having a “Threenager.” Three is a very curious age, everything is why? What? How? I find myself constantly answering a question at least five times before saying BECAUSE I SAID SO. Children at this age have absolutely no filter. Some things that have come out of my child’s mouth have made me seriously cringe, other times I have to turn around and clench my whole body so he doesn’t realize I’m laughing at him. He’s learning, everything fascinates him. I know one day I’ll be laughing at all this, but as of right now in life I’m in constant fear of taking my child in public because of what could potentionally come out of his mouth. Here’s a few embarrassing remarks my child has made over the last few weeks. 

  • Old lady says “Hello there handsome boy!” Aiden says “Don’t talk to me, you’re a stranger, I don’t like strangers.” 
  • Woman with very short hair checking us out in Target, Aiden says “Excuse me, are you a boy or a girl?” 
  • “Why doesn’t sissy have boobs, since she’s a girl?” 
  • “Mom, why is my wee-wee big in the morning?” 
  • Our neighbor says hi, Aiden looks up and says to me “Why is he black?” 
  • Lady in the store says “Do you like being a big brother?” Aiden says “Sometimes, sister crys a lot I think she wants to go back in Mommy’s butt.” 
  • Driving in the car “Emmitt, is Dick a bad word?” Yes Aiden, don’t say that. “But it’s my Grandma Judy’s brother’s name.” Ok you can say it when you’re talking about him. Aiden says “Ok, Emmitt, you’re a dick!” 
  • Aiden being bratty, Grandma says “Aiden’s being a cry baby!” Aiden says “I’m very disappointed in you Keeta, don’t even look at me.”    

Having a little person is so entertaining, but mentally draining. Sometimes he puts me in a position where my mind blanks and all I can do is appologize whatever painfully true statement that came from the mouth of my child. So to whoever my child will offend next, I’m very sorry. 



2 thoughts on “Shit 3 year olds say

  1. Kasey says:

    Literally fell in love with your first post and this second one about your little Aiden is so funny! Your blog is so interesting, please post more!


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