The perfectly, imperfect. 

In the time we live in, our lives are consumed by social media. We’re all in constant fear of what someone we went to school with, but never actually met might think of us. You can say you’re not, but we are all guilty of it at some point. What I’ve really noticed, is everyone in their relationships are so happy. I know I post about Emmitt and I quite a bit, and I always say the truth. I love that man with all my heart. No one can make me laugh harder, or love stronger then my Emmitt. What you don’t see is, no one can make me more angry, or even want to kill more then my Emmitt. We live a very adult life at a very young age, and that does strain our relationship from time to time. Bills, parenting, “it’s your turn to do the dishes!” Couples are constantly criticized for arguing. I used to keep everything to myself, I didn’t even want to tell my own mother we were fighting because I was afraid of people thinking down upon our relationship. Over the last few months I’ve taught myself a very important lesson, arguing is healthy. It’s normal. We are not the only couple that argues, even yells from time to time. Sometimes the only way to get your point across to your partner is through arguing. I know for fact when I’m being my stubborn self, the only way Emmitt is going to get his point to me is by getting upset. I don’t always take him seriously, and he doesn’t always take me seriously.  

 We are so much alike. Hard headed, obnoxious, he’s the male version of myself. That’s exactly why we go so perfect together, and exactly why we find ourselves arguing over and over. I used to see other people online looking so happy and think “wow, I wish Em and I never fought. They don’t.” Now I know the truth. That couple who looks so happy online, does fight sometimes. That same couple, probably looks at my posts and thinks the same about us. Arguing is all part of being in a relationship. Getting over it, admitting you’re wrong, kiss and make up. These are all crucial parts of a strong relationship. At the end of the day, I know I’m beyond happy. I’m in love with the man I’m with and I wouldn’t want to fall asleep by anyone else every night. I love you Emmitt.  



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