I never imagined a life for my son where he would ask me if he lives at Mom’s or Dad’s. I never imagined I’d be arguing over who gets him on holidays, or if he brushed his teeth while visiting. I see so many parents (mothers in particular) holding their children back from their other parent. Aiden’s dad and I will never see eye to eye. Sometimes I think I would like to never drop my baby back off there, but what good would that do for Aiden? Sure I’d be hurting his dad but Aiden would hurt the most. Even though I don’t agree with the choices his dad makes, Aiden is innocent. He doesn’t see bad in either of us. Nothing but pure happiness. All I ever wanted was for my children to grow up in a happy home with a loving mother and father. Even though I’m trying so hard to make our life as normal as possible for him, I can’t change the reality of his situation. I hate sending him back and fourth, confusing him. I hate him coming home and telling me things he does there that I would never let him do. I hate the fact that he’s getting older and realizing he’s being juggled around. Even though it sucks, and I don’t want to send him back and fourth I know I’m doing what’s best for him. Choosing to keep him to myself would be selfish and not only would it hurt Aiden but in the long run, I would hurt myself. Aiden would one day resent me for keeping him from his dad. Even though we broke up, Aiden didn’t. Sometimes when I’m feeling bad, I have to remind myself of this. I am a good mom, I have nothing but my children’s best interest in mind, and I need to remember that. 


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